Writing Classes and Workshops

Discover the Joy of Writing

Our classes and workshops are designed to introduce you to the fun and excitement of writing and publishing. Come with your questions, comments, and curiosity.

Here are some of the classes and workshops we have planned.

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Just for Fun

  • Flash Fiction: Write a short story in an hour.
  • Fan Fiction: Base new stories on your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Found Poetry: Find inspiration where you least expect it.
  • Tarot for Writers: Shuffle the deck and find stories in the cards.
  • Astrology for Writers: Create characters with the archetypes of astrology.
  • The 30-Day Novel: Power through the first draft of your novel during National Novel Writing Month.

Book Basics

  • Starting from Scratch: Everything you always wanted to know about writing but were afraid to ask
  • Simple Mechanics: The fundamental parts and structure of a book
  • Present like a Pro: How to Format a Manuscript
  • Editing for Authors: A ten-step process for cleaning your copy

Introduction to Publishing

  • Book Proposals: How to get publishers to buy your book
  • Ask an Agent: How to work with your own personal ambassador
  • The Fine Print: The parts of a publishing contract
  • From Proposal to Press: What you can expect from a traditional publishing team
  • Straight to Press: An introduction to self-publishing with Amazon

Marketing and Promotion

  • The Ending Is the Beginning: Why you should write your back cover first
  • Don’t Be Shy: How to write an author bio
  • WordPress Wizardry: Build your author website in an afternoon
  • Hashtag Hellos: Social media for writers